Work of the Month, August 2018

A small vibrant oil of The Norman Tower, Nr Lady's Island, Wexford...

Posted: 17/08/2018


Work of the Month, July 2018

With the imminent closure of Howells in Cardiff, it felt apt that we show a study made by Peter in 1962, when he was a student at Cardiff. On close...

Posted: 05/07/2018


Work of the Month, June 2018

Peter drew constantly throughout his life. He was pre-occupied with observing the world around him; primarily in the form of landscape. However a...

Posted: 06/06/2018


Work of the Month, May 2018

The paint store has been a hive of activity over the last few months. It's been an exciting time with various people looking at the work in storage....

Posted: 02/05/2018


Film footage

After numerous enquiries we have begun to upload film footage of Peter in a number of broadcasts about his work. Please follow the link to view the...

Posted: 07/04/2018


Updated: 06/06/18



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